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Dhaka water Supply Sector Development Program has been formulated in line with the GoB’s sector policies and strategies, particularly the Sector development Program (SDP) for water supply and sanitation spectrum of the country. The SDP and related GoB policies set the forth clear and well formulated plans for the water supply and sanitation sector. ADB assistance for the ensuring project has been formulated on a ‘sector loan’ basis.

This program has two major components: the program loan and the project loan. The program loan encompasses principally reform measures to the water supply and sanitations sector, especially in the urban context. The remaining component of the loan mainly involves implementation of a water supply improvement project "Dhaka Water Supply Sector Development Project (DWSSDP)" for Dhaka City that stands to be implemented by Dhaka WASA.

DWSSDP is relatively a recently launched development intervention. Consequent upon completion of a conceptualization-fact finding-appraisal process, the ADB-GoB loan agreement for the project was signed on and consequently, the Loan became effective on 12 December 2007. The project will entail rehabilitation, expansion and strengthening of the water supply system in Dhaka city as well as capacity building of Dhaka WASA to provide improved services to the city dwellers.


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